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Fashionable Couple

Power Dressing Without A Suit: Fashion Tips For Men

Many people think that when it comes to men’s fashion, all you have to do is either have a power suit, or have a set of clothes that look like you’re on your own private yacht, with a glass of wine waiting. But the truth is, you can look dapper and attractive even in your… Continue Reading …

Sexy Alena Stoli Posing

Alena Stoli: androsForm Beauty Of The Moment

I must admit I was a bit stunned when I found out that the gorgeous Alena Stoli who I had been going back and forth with via email for this feature was an Investment Associate. Not because I’m sexist and I think men should run the financial arena because we’re in some way superior to… Continue Reading …

Hand Holding Victory Medal

“Just Do It” – Motivational Speech By Art Williams

This is the type of motivational speech that just gets better every time you watch it. Arthur L. Williams Jr., or “Art”, is a former football coach turned insurance executive that has quite the back story. Though he doesn’t go very much into the depth of it in this speech, he does use it throughout… Continue Reading …

This could be your girlfriend in sexy lingerie

How To Buy Lingerie For Your Girlfriend

Buying lingerie for your girlfriend or wife can be initially tricky but entirely worthwhile in the end. First-time buyers often choose lingerie that they think is sexy for their partner, but the sizes may be wrong and she may not feel comfortable wearing it. By following this guide on how to buy lingerie for your… Continue Reading …

hottie holding a heart

Five Exercises Guaranteed to Improve Heart Health

Some of us aren’t concerned about getting bigger and stronger. Sometimes, the primary goal is to get healthier. Sadly, this isn’t always wished upon in the nicest of ways. It can sometimes occur as a result of bad news from the doctor, such as learning about having a bad heart. We may even find out… Continue Reading …