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Jackie Robinson - Life Shouldn't be a Spectator Sport

androsForm’s “Best Quotes” – Jackie Robinson On Life and Spectatorship

Jackie Robinson certainly knew a thing or two about going about things in a manner contrary to the status quo…. I love this quote. To me, life simply can’t be a spectator sport….I know some people are content with sitting back in life. It’s easier. But there are so many things in the world that… Continue Reading …

Hot Girl Blowing a Wish

What She Wants For Christmas This Year

With the days before Christmas counting down, if you still haven’t gotten the lucky lady in your life a gift yet, we figured we’d consult the experts (attractive women) what most ladies want for Christmas.

Stack of Water Bottles

Why Water is The Only Drink You Need

It is difficult for many people to stay healthy with all of the information that we have been told in the media and through other sources. It used to be common wisdom that drinking enough water was the number one priority. Now it seems there are plenty of people who think that milk is more… Continue Reading …

It does not matter how slow you go so long as you don't stop.

androsForm’s “Best Quotes” – Confucius On Persistence

Here’s the first in what we hope to be a popular new section… androsForm’s “Best Quotes” To kick things off, we’ve got one of my favorites from the apparent wisest of the wise during ancient times in the far east…the everlasting Confucius, with some insight into the power of persistence.

Fit Man In Hoodie

3 Best Tips to Become Fit and Healthy for Good

Staying fit and healthy these days is not just an option or choice. Staying fit and healthy is a must. That’s because there are so many demands made on the modern man which encompass everything that is challenging – from the physical, to the mental, and the emotional aspects of life.