How To Buy Lingerie For Your Girlfriend

Buying lingerie for your girlfriend or wife can be initially tricky but entirely worthwhile in the end. First-time buyers often choose lingerie that they think is sexy for their partner, but the sizes may be wrong and she may not feel comfortable wearing it. By following this guide on how to buy lingerie for your girlfriend, you will be able to buy your partner lingerie that excites her as much as it excites you!

Size Matters

Choosing the correct size is the most important and difficult part of buying your partner lingerie. If it’s too small, your partner may be more upset than flattered. Luckily, lingerie sizes are simpler than traditional bra sizes, and the sizes will be a familiar small, medium, and large. Many styles can even fit all sizes to make your shopping much easier.

If the sizes range from small to large, then you can always go one size higher if you are unsure. It’s always better to buy a medium and have it be slightly too big than choosing a small that won’t fit at all. For larger women, there are beautiful plus-size lingerie sets available as well.

Curves Ahead

There are many styles of lingerie to choose from, and it is worth searching to find one that compliments her body best. Corsets are perfect for bustier women, while chemises are perfect for any body type. A full garter set will help to accentuate their stomach and legs, while a looser strapless gown will slowly spark your imagination. Even though there are multiple sizes available, you should strive to find lingerie that accentuates her best features so that she feels confident and sexy.

How Risque?

Depending on your partner, you can go for a subtly sexy teddy, a more exposed bust, and anything in-between. While you will certainly enjoy the lingerie as well, you should remember your partner’s comfort zone when choosing a product. If she’s not used to wearing sexy lingerie, then it’s better to start with something light and playful before bringing out the torn leather and chains. You can always buy multiple sets (especially if there’s asale!), and you can test the waters by presenting them each night starting with the least risque leading to the most.

Bunnies, Pirates, and Maids!

Along with the classic corsets and chemises, you can spice things up with a themed lingerie set. Costumes ranging from police officers to French maids are great for adding adventure into your lives. However, costumed lingerie sets may not be the best for more serious and romantic occasions. For birthdays and anniversaries, you may wish to keep it classier by buying a classic lingerie piece. You can present the costume as a surprise on an unexpected day, and this will make it more appreciated as well.

By following this guide, you will always satisfy your partner with the hottest lingerie! Even though you’ll be enjoying the lingerie as well, make sure it’s something that she will feel comfortable wearing. If you’re unsure about which set to choose from, then you can always order more to keep the surprises coming!