Do You Really Need Whey Protein?

When it comes to getting fit, we don’t want to cut any corners. Still, we don’t want to go over the top and include every little thing if it’s not providing great results – especially if it comes at a high cost. For instance, anyone looking to get huge doesn’t need to buy a mass gainer protein powder when they can make their own or get the excess of calories and nutrients by healthier means.

Now, the first thing we need to look at is whether whey protein is absolutely necessary or not.

In short, it’s not.

We go to the gym and we lift weights, our muscles grow. We eat right at home with lean meats, avoid junk, etc., and our muscle growth is even better. A protein shake isn’t necessary at any point to guarantee results. It is just viewed as a way to further enhance these results or to increase the likelihood of achieving optimal results.


How Whey Protein Improves Muscle Growth Results

Whey protein is just a quick source of protein. It is merely an alternative way to take protein in. However, it does have a particular advantage when it comes to muscle growth – after a workout, this liquid form of protein is quickly used. The alternatives, such as a chicken breast or can of tuna, will take much longer to be digested and sent to the muscles to aid with the muscle repair process.


Ways Protein Can Help Us

There are other potential benefits of including whey protein into our diet regimen. I don’t know about you, but I work 50 hours a week and my options of food and what I can bring to work are limited. It’s not always easy, but having a protein shake on hand to make sure that my protein intake is never neglected really helps.

Whey protein can also be an affordable alternative. The cost of quality protein sources, such as eggs, meat, and seafood, is inflating just as quickly as gas in many countries. The concept of buying an entire bottle of whey protein and having countless meal fillers is definitely appealing. It’s especially helpful when going on a high protein diet.


Why Whey Protein Isn’t a Necessity

Protein is protein. If we get enough protein in our diet, we get enough protein in our diet. It really is as simple as that. We can dwell on protein intake timing – eating your protein after a workout may not be optimal for a number of reasons – but the truth is that not having a whey protein powder won’t stop us from getting bigger and stronger.

Whey protein is simply an accessory to a solid fitness and nutrition regimen. It is also just an alternative source of nutrients – more particular, a nutrient. So it doesn’t even need to be held as highly as a creatine supplement, which provides a direct result that cannot, realistically speaking, be matched through our diet.

So for those of us that are trying to minimize on the cost of our fitness and diet ventures, this is definitely a corner that can be cut – so long as the daily diet plan we follow includes enough protein as it is.

Regardless of the disposability, whey protein will still always be an important part of many of our diets and it will usually be used as a post-workout protein source. As a meal filler to ensure protein intake is kept up, it will also serve as a staple in bulking diets for many of us across the world. At the bodybuilding training level, it will also be hard to shake the concept of using a whey protein supplement. Still, if it’s not easy to add to your regimen, whey protein powder can be argued as not being a necessity as long as your diet is in order.