2013’s #1 DJ – DJ Hardwell’s Road to Fame

DJ Hardwell Spinning At Ulltra

Robbert van de Corput is better known to the world of entertainment as DJ Hardwell. Born on 7th January 1988 in Breda, Netherlands, this is one artiste with a passion for music. Everything he lays his hands on sprouts with magnificent levels of brilliance. At the age of 25, he has done almost everything imaginable in the industry.

All this started when he was just thirteen. He developed a liking for MTV parties, and music seemed to be getting into his system. He finally decided to commit himself to music and became quite a wonder for his age. He was just fourteen. Tiesto’s Flight 643 is what thrilled him into becoming a DJ on his own. One would have thought he was insane or something of the sort. However, passion, talent, interest, and a willing heart have seen him move higher and higher. He recounts with fresh memories how he first DJed at club Hollywood with excitement. From there onwards, he became even more convinced that he had truly found his calling. Since then, he has not disappointed and the massive energies inside him seem to be gaining a rapid pace.

Other than his magic on the decks, you can’t beat him easily on the keyboard and synthesizer. He could expertly combine keyboard sounds with computer-produced beats and win the hearts of many. The various releases won him a Dutch award back in 2005. This was a motivational factor that saw the release of his Electric Beats compilations.

Hardwell is a multi-talented personality and has done some singles as well as collaborations. Among his great singles includes Encoded and Cobra. His collaborations feature some of the most celebrated musicians, a clear indication that he is a true star. He has toured the world with Tiesto and is not stopping at that as there are plenty of tours around the cities of the world lined up.

Hardwell, a progressive and electro-house DJ cum producer, has a tight grip on the future. He promises his fans hot stuff that will really get them on their highs. He has his record labels as well, and they have registered quite an impressive performance.

Revealed Records was his first label launched in 2010. In the same year, he came up with a podcast named “Hardwell on Air” that helped shape up his career. The other labels that have contributed to his success include Armada Records, Spinnin Records, Cr2 Records, and Dukalis Records. The labels have been vital tools that have helped him supply his fans with heartrending music. Besides all this, he is a producer and has helped many artistes record their tracks with a quality touch.

DJ Hardwell started enjoying the celebrity limelight in 2010 after he entered DJ Magazine’s top 100 list at position 24. That was only the start as he almost entered the world’s best 5 in 2012 at number 6. Not many DJs made it to the red carpet this fast; they had to be patient for quite a long time. In his own words, he just does what he loves most and the good results are only a byproduct. This is what keeps him going and the reason he has accomplished all that comes his way.

The year 2013 has been a major landmark in his career, and probably the most profound one. He was ranked first in the DJ Magazine’s annual voting for the world’s top 100. He is the youngest DJ to ever hold this position. He edged out some of greatest contenders in the industry, including Avicii, David Guetta, and a five-time winner Armin Van Buuren, who have all acknowledged him as a true “Decks Master.” Before the official announcement was made, DJ Tiesto said that he had no doubt the award was going to Hardwell. If you take some time to watch and listen to what he does best, it’s pretty easy to see why.

Here’s a nice full HD look at his full set from this year’s iteration of the sizable “Ultra” in Miami:

For more of what’s up in the world of Hardwell, keep up with his weekly show amongst other things over at http://www.djhardwell.com