Why Nude Yoga Is AWESOME

Nude yoga is awesome. And I’m not even talking about the boobies and booties.

I’ve practiced meditation for nearly 15 years…but yoga for only within the past 3 years.

I’m a guy! I’m not going to do yoga. I might do some yoga instructors but that’s quite different 😉

sexy sarah jean underwood

Nude Yoga

So I was on a website that has. umm, videos of naked human beings interacting in various ways.

Yet this time, having practiced yoga years before, I watched the video and I got one of those emergency room erections. It was longer than 4  hours. Just a child perhaps exploring what he wanted in life.

The Unexpected Benefits of Nude Yoga

Had I not been introduced to meditation younger I would’ve thought the video to have been strictly sexual. However, I put the video on and I followed along with one of these nude yoga videos.

I followed one done by Carla White at first, via Pure Nude Yoga (I streamed it on Amazon Prime…it’s also available on Vimeo (their site is here). I don’t typically post nudity to this site to keep it PG, so here’s the cover, nudity free.

busty indian nude yoga

They have free trailers with nudity over on YouTube and Vimeo; here is an NSFW link to a trailer on Vimeo to get more of the idea of what you’ll be watching.

Ok. Hot chicks doing yoga naked. Big Whoop.

Yes, big whoop indeed. One of the best parts of doing that first session and several others after is as a male I am looking more at the intricacies of how the nude female body is moving and stretching. I’m paying more attention to the proper posture because I’m paying more attention to their bodies. Way more than I would to a male instructor or even a clothed unattractive teacher.

I’ve been doing it for a few weeks now and I’ve got to say it has been some of the most beneficial Yoga I’ve ever done in my life. I’m nailing the posture and poses because I’m intently engaged at watching how some of these beautiful women perform them.

Playboy and a few other studios also have some nude yoga videos. There’s one with Sarah Jean Underwood that’s aimed at beginners and is supremely hot.

sarah jean underwood nude yoga


The bottom line? Try to follow along with some nude yoga; you might just be surprised with the results.