A Beginner’s Guide To Job Satisfaction

I had initially written this with the target audience being kids who had recently graduated or were just about to graduate; as I was writing it I realized that it didn’t matter what age the reader was….achieving the mental state where job satisfaction is inherent takes the same steps regardless of your age. That’s why I titled this little thing a “Beginner’s Guide” to the topic rather than “a college graduate’s”.

It seems like the days of work being work, such that it was irrelevant if it was enjoyed or not. Having a steady job was mission critical…whether you were happy with it or not was really a question to be asked. Yet, in an age of extreme computerization and hyper-mechanized labor, this generation of college grads (+/- 10 years) wants their work to be something they’re passionate about.

Have you ever felt as though you weren’t happy with your current job or your extended career? If you have, I definitely recommend giving this little guide a read. And if you like it, please pass it along!

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