What’s All the Hype behind Garcinia Cambogia?

Garcinia cambogia is the next raspberry ketones, which was the new Visalus shake, which was the new…

I’m sure we all get the point.

Garcinia cambogia is simply the next weight loss fad supplement. It’s gaining a lot of traction because it’s profitable for affiliate marketers to sell. It’s also becoming extremely popular because Dr. Oz hyped it up on his show.


Wait a minute…

Dr. Oz hyped a weight loss product?

Dr. Oz endorsed a weight loss supplement?

No way, say it isn’t so!

I’m not sure if my sarcasm is obvious. I have a bit of a feeling of déjà vu.

Didn’t he also hype…

Okay, I have to sleep at some point so I’m going to cut the list short here. But with just a bit of digging, there must be at least dozens of different products of which he has endorsed at some point in time.

The point: garcinia cambogia supplements are a FAD!

But this doesn’t mean that these supplement don’t work. The Atkins diet was blasted as being a fad once too. The Paleo diet is debatable but it has pretty healthy fundamentals and will still be effective even when the hype for it dies down.


So Do Garcinia Cambogia Supplements Actually Work?

We can’t just say the product is no good. We can just say that it’s likely not as good as it’s promised to be. This is because it’s being hyped in such a light, which indicates it’s merely a product designed for profit. That’s why we don’t see our favorite fat burners on talk shows. Products like Iron Cuts, Animal Cuts, and even the EC stack simply don’t provide enough profit for marketers. These products also don’t appeal to the masses, whom want that special solution, because there is an intimidation factor. Meanwhile, garcinia cambogia and similar supplements seem friendly and harmless but this is usually just true because there are little to no effects from the ingredients.

Garcinia cambogia has been around for a long time. It used to be marketed as HCA, which stands for Hydroxycitric acid. The product is typically ingested in up to three different doses a day, all around 500mg and within an hour of eating a meal.


What’s the Truth?

Examine.com went in-depth on the ineffectiveness of garcinia cambogia. This webpage features a list of garcinia cambogia studies and what these studies mean in regards to garcinia cambogia’s efficiency as a weight loss supplement.

There were three major studies conducted which were double-blind/placebo controlled. Of the three, two of the studies resulted in the claim of garcinia cambogia having no significantly effective weight loss properties.

The two most important findings come from the results pertaining to food intake and appetite. There was no proof of garcinia cambogia supplements influencing lower food intake after ingestion. There was also no proof of garcinia cambogia supplements influencing the suppression of appetite prior to a meal.

Other studies found garcinia cambogia to be ineffective at influencing HDL-C, LDL-C, triglyceride, and total cholesterol levels. It was also found that testosterone and estrogen levels appear to be unaffected by these supplements.


What Do the Users Say?

Eh, that’s a pretty tough question to answer.

What is the definition of a ‘user’ of garcinia cambogia? Just by the person publicizing a review on the product? Many online reviews are from people who have not even tried it before. These people are either paid to write the post or seek out commission as compensation for each sale turned.

This poses as a huge problem. The majority of reviews found in early search results with Google are from affiliate marketers. This means the reviews are not genuine. What matters more is what real people are saying about the product. Check fitness forums, such as Bodybuilding.com’s forum, and look for reviews and feedback on garcinia cambogia. Make sure any input that’s held with any value is not published along with a link to the person’s website.

However, it’s not really important to go through all the work of looking for this feedback. I am able to declare that garcinia cambogia is very ineffective for weight loss. The majority of individuals who get quality results from this product are getting results indirectly. It’s not the supplement itself, but rather the fact that the caloric intake has been cut back. In many cases, cardio exercise is added to the individual’s fitness regimen as well.

So to put it simple, throw some placebo in a pill bottle, Google a label for garcinia cambogia, and skip out on wasting hard earned money.