A Personal Review of Pro Supps Mr. Hyde

Oh boy, any pre-workout supplements fan gets anxious just thinking about this one. I know I was scared, excited, nervous and thrilled to have the chance to try it when it first came out. I don’t talk with hype often either.

Seriously, I’m the king when it comes to caffeine. I’ve done EC stacks galore. I’ve used just about every major pre-workout out there. Plus I drink coffee 24/7.

Needless to say, it’s not hard to tell why I was psyched to get the chance to test a pre-workout with 419mgs of caffeine. Yes, that’s right, four HUNDRED and nineteen milligrams of caffeine.

Of course, I’m not one of those people that finds a product interesting just because it has a lot of caffeine. I have caffeine pills and an endless supply of coffee in my cupboard. This supplement spoke to me for many other reasons but my main interest was its stimulant-heavy profile. It’s definitely not a supplement for someone with a low tolerance to stimulants, unless a smaller dose was taken.

First Impression

I’d detail my first impression on this product, but I’m sure everything I discussed before this point speaks for itself. My excitement for this product was like none other and I had high expectations from the get-go.

Mixability – 9.5/10

I’m not a complainer when it comes to how well a product can mix. I just see it as a mere inconvenience if there’s still stuff at the bottom. I end up filling it with some more water, stirring and drinking what’s left. As long as the potency is there, I don’t care.

With that said, Mr. Hyde is a product that mixes very well. It’s comparable to Kool-Aid or any other juice crystal product.

Taste – 8.5/10

I have only used this product in the Fruit Punch flavor. The taste was pleasant, but nothing worth writing home about. There was something a little off about the taste though. I can’t put a finger on it, but the serving size is pretty normal for a pre-workout so it may have been the extra caffeine.

Again, I’m not big on the product’s ability to mix or taste awesome. I’m only concerned that it WORKS awesome.

Performance – 8/10

I know, a bit surprising to see a less than perfect rating after all this hype. I really have to explain it though as my experience was incredible, yet horrible. Also, keep in mind that my personal caffeine intake aside from the pre-workout may play a role in my body’s response. Everyone is different, which makes it impossible to go by what a single reviewer says about a product.

The first time I used this supplement, I think I was so anxious for the effects that my body never got any. The second time, it hit me like a brick wall and I found myself making excuses to stay at the gym longer but I didn’t have any greater concentration in regards to my power and strength in specific movements. The main effect was just a constant focus on training in general. I didn’t have a chance to get sidetracked.

Then I started getting used to the product. This only took about a week to happen. It’s possible that more isn’t necessarily better when it comes to caffeine. With other products I would increase the dose, but I couldn’t convince myself to with this one seeing as a double dose is almost a whole gram of caffeine.

So I stopped taking it until I was ready to cycle onto a pre-workout again. I decided I would try to get a better judgment of it once I knew my body would give a full response. After trying it again, I was shocked to find that there were no good effects. I must have used it four or five times in a two week period and I had no luck any of those times.

It wasn’t just an empty response though. Sadly, I had side effects. Basically, the product didn’t provide any noticeable energy, concentration, etc., and I just felt like I went through my workout in a weak daze. I didn’t feel the best near the end of the workout either and I found myself crashing and feeling horrible after leaving the gym.


Mr. Hyde is a beast of a pre-workout product from a label standpoint. I’m just struggling to see its worth when it comes to actual performance enhancement. The product was inconsistent at best and it’s not at all what I expected it to be. Maybe there’s a trick to it, such as working caffeine levels up through smaller doses for a prolonged period.

All I know is that this product just didn’t do it for me and with so many other options out there, I won’t be buying it again.