A Personal Review of Controlled Labs White Flood Reborn

During my years at the gym, I have had the pleasure to try out many training supplements. One of those was Controlled Labs White Flood Reborn. It first came to my attention when my partner requested samples from the company back in 2010. I have been a fan ever since.

This product is highly reviewed on the Bodybuilding.com forum so much that it almost had a cultural following a few years ago. Its market share may not be nearly as high now, but its effectiveness remains.


What White Flood Products Are Available?

This product showed up many years ago. It was later upgraded to a Version 2 which included a stronger formula and an improved taste. Taking it a step further, the company introduced White Flood Reborn.

This review will be for the latest product, Controlled Labs White Flood Reborn. However, much of the statements on this product stand true for the previous versions as well. I will say that I did prefer V2 to the original formula, but I think Reborn is a major upgrade. It’s an even better taste and it’s stronger too.

Now let’s get into the review…


First Impression

The Reborn formula comes in a container that is much different than the first two formulas. It is pretty basic, nothing spectacular like Grenade. However, it’s what is on the inside that matters. Upon opening the container, everything seemed in order and the powder smelled tasteful – this is for Juicy Watermelon by the way.


Mixability – 9/10

I don’t always go to the gym straight from home. This means there are times when I don’t have access to a blender. This product mixes pretty well with just a shaker and whisk. There wasn’t too much foam at the surface after shaking it. It wasn’t perfect, but I have yet to see a pre-workout that can mix as easily as, say, Crystal Light.


Taste – 10/10

It is a cross between a great water-flavoring product and a tasteful can of frozen juice. It’s not a product that would be found on an Orange Julius menu. However, I never have any problems drinking it and I would probably drink it in place of other beverages if it wasn’t a pre-workout.


Performance – 10/10

I used to double dose on the older formulas. I found that my body didn’t respond so well with any less as I’m pretty tolerant to stimulants. I did the double dose on this product from the get-go and soon realized a single dose was enough.

It was pretty interesting actually. My partner and I chugged the drink before heading to the gym. We were a 15 minute walk away. About five minutes into the walk we both got pumped up and decided to run the rest of the way. We got to the gym and my partner was nearly tripping; his eyes were a little messed up for a few moments. He was ready to go workout and I started changing. It felt almost like a quality beer buzz.

By the time we hit the weights we were beyond ready to go. This was unusual as it took roughly 30 minutes for other pre-workouts to start effecting me. We began our workout and had a gradual increase in strength, focus, and determination. We plowed through an uphill battle of reps and weight. We got to our heaviest, most intense movement (on this day, it was the deadlift) and I was worried the effects would dwindle off. Which seemed to happen, until I kick started the first rep. Each additional rep just fueled me to push a little further.

After the workout was over, there was still that euphoric feeling that I always get from a great workout. I did not ‘come down’ in the traditional sense. My muscles felt tired, maybe even a little exhausted. If I was more burnt out than usual, it’s because I trained harder than usual.



Controlled Labs White Flood Reborn proved to me that it is an upgrade on the two previous versions of White Flood. As a personal fan of each of the previous formulas, I had high expectations for anything claiming to be an upgrade on what was already perfect in my eyes.

I have always found that pre-workouts generate much different responses based on the formula of the product. There can be two different products with many of the same ingredients at different content levels and the body may get nothing from one and feel like the Incredible Hulk from the other.

For me personally, White Flood Reborn triggers that Hulk-like response. It puts me into beast mode and gives me the energy and focus I need to put all I have into every workout. While I do grow tolerant to it after about a month, that’s to be expected with any stimulant-based product.

Ultimately, I do suggest that everyone at least tries this product. It isn’t easy to say that it will be the number one pre-workout for anyone that tries it as everyone responds differently. It is simply my go-to pre-workout supplement as the quality effects have shown time and time again.