Is Your Video Game Addiction Stopping You From Getting in Shape?

Technology has led the way for many great things, but it has also lead to a lower quality of life for many people. Aside from the handful of crazy stories of video game-related deaths, there are still at least tens of millions of people that live as lifeless gamers.


I use the term “lifeless” as the video game addiction is draining them. It’s preventing them from enjoying activities that are actually productive and contribute towards making them the best version of themselves possible.


Sure, some video games can help to stimulate the mind, teach goal-setting, and even help with teamwork and leadership, but the benefits are minute. Something like a team sport with actual practice and training would accomplish the same, but with even greater benefits.

Do You Have a Video Game Addiction?

Many are addicted to video games and MMORPG’s. At the same time, a lot of these people wish they could get in better shape. It tends to go hand-in-hand, the more the game consumes someone the more out of shape they get.

While the wishful thinking is there, the majority do not act on it. It is usually not until the video game addiction is gone that they have a fighting chance. Even if they do start at the gym, it’s easy to get discouraged or lose motivation when your favorite video game takes up the rest of the time. Essentially, the mind views anything interfering with its assumed productive efforts (in this case, video games) as evil, so the body won’t value working out unless it’s told to.

Long story short, the video game addiction has to go!

It’s not what any gamer wants to hear, but it’s true. One may or may not have to go to the extent of closing their accounts or giving away/selling their video game system and games. This will depend on willpower. If games can be played in moderation, fine, but a “cold turkey” phase is still recommended.

So how can someone drop a video game addiction and start working towards getting in shape?

The Easiest Way to Quit A Video Game Addiction

Just like with pattern overloading when exercising, the body is following a specific pattern when it comes to playing video games. The central nervous system may be used to getting up first thing in the morning and playing the game. Or, someone may come home from school, put their stuff away, and get something to eat, then sit down and play a game.

A period of reprogramming is needed.

It’s easier said than done though.

If the pattern is to eat while playing the game, as soon as the gamer sits, they’ll be urged to play the game. It’s hard to find much else to do when that is the only thing the body thought of doing before. So to reprogram the mind and body, the old pattern needs to be broken.

How is this done?


Replace video game time with something else. If games are usually played right after school or work, find something else to do during that time of day. This is not easy to do in the same environment – a good idea would be to also change the surroundings. This will eliminate all aspects of the patterning within the central nervous system.

So everyday after school or work, one could do something else outside of home such as  go to a friend’s house (not to play video games), shoot some hoops at a basketball court or go workout at the gym.

Ideally, replacing game time with something that is productive is the best thing.

It takes three weeks commitment of breaking a pattern before we can safely assume that the urges and natural instinct involved with a video game addiction are gone.



Most of us are not able to balance a lot of things in life. This is especially true for people that are interested in video games. If a video game addiction is causing one’s health to falter, all they have to do is break the habit. After all, an addiction is just a habit that turns into a pattern or routine.