Why A Personal Trainer Isn’t Personal Enough

Interested in hiring a personal trainer to help you with your muscle building goals? Think again!

A personal trainer is great for someone that has absolutely no motivation. Or for someone who is rich enough to throw thousands of dollars out the window.

But a personal trainer is not so good for someone that wants to maximize their muscle building results.

Sure, having someone to train you so you are ready for your bodybuilding competition show is very helpful. In fact, you can see much greater results with a trainer than without one – but this is a case-by-case scenario and most competition-ready lifters will already have a firm understanding on how they should train. Their trainer hears what they need to do from them and then just provides support.

Why is a Personal Trainer a Bad Idea?

A personal trainer isn’t a bad idea, but you can often see great results without one.

Basically, the Internet has all the information you could ever need. A personal trainer receives certification after learning many fundamentals, but the Internet centralizes all this information for your review. You can essentially get the same education if you put enough effort into it.

The problem comes with knowing how to organize this information. This is why a personal trainer can help. But if you already know your goals and have a good idea on where you’re at right now, you can easily create a workout and diet plan that will work best for you.

This is also something that a personal trainer cannot do – personal trainers are not entitled to providing specific diet plans or instructing you as to how you should eat. This means that you are only getting help for one half of the battle. As diet and training go hand-in-hand, you could be missing a few key ingredients for your training success.

How Can You Train Yourself?

Instead of worrying about who will best help you with building your desired physique, just do it yourself.

You know your goals. You know both where you need to start and finish. So now create a plan.

There are many different ways you can approach this. For example, a beginner could follow the Mark Rippetoe’s Starting Strength program if they want to see tremendous increases in strength. An advanced lifter that does upper/lower days could switch to a four day split and create a specific program for each day.

What does a personal trainer do? Write everything out that they would do and fill in the blanks.

Then add your diet plan!

Why People Still Hire a Personal Trainer

If it’s that easy, why are so many people still hiring a personal trainer?

Because it’s overwhelming. The extensive amount of information available online is hard to decipher. If you can find thousands of different training plans, how do you know which one to choose? You don’t, so you assume that hiring a personal trainer will help you out.

This dependency is not something you want to have though. Personal trainers can come and go and the way each trainer approaches things is always different. You do not want to hinder your progress just because you didn’t match yourself up with the right trainer.

Of course, most of this comes down to personal preference. One great advantage of a personal trainer that is with you for your entire workout is that they are always watching your form. This means that you will never have a single rep where you can falter without being informed. For some, this is the most invaluable thing possible and it completely justifies hiring a personal trainer.

However, if you think that by hiring a personal trainer you will get bigger than you would on your own then you are mistaken. If the dedication is still there and you put a little effort into figuring out a workout plan, you will see the results.

What’s the Conclusion?

Basically, what I am trying to say is that you do not need to use a personal trainer as a crutch. The reason for this is because their service simply isn’t personal enough. They are just there for you during your workout. Meanwhile, at home you feel the results, you feel your body recovering, and you are all on your own when it comes to figuring out your diet plan.

With that being said, put some more thought into it before hiring a personal trainer.

Are you doing it for the right reasons or do you just think it will make everything easier?

The answer to that question should tell you whether or not a personal trainer is right for you.