Getting the Best Black Friday Deals This Year

The Best Black Friday Deals

Black Friday is here [and Cyber Monday is coming]; are you prepared or perhaps you forgot? Before planning your escape from Thanksgiving dinner just to get in line early, it is worth investigating the best deals both in stores and online. In fact, some stores don’t require you to stand in line for hours just to get a discount, and other stores offer a price guarantee even for sold out items. With this quick guide, you will be able to maximize your Black Friday to get the best deals in the least amount of time!


To really get ahead, try utilizing one of the many new Black Friday apps for tablets and phones. PriceGrabber allows for year-round price comparisons, and it compares both nearby stores and online retailers alike. During the hectic rush of Black Friday, this app will save you the trouble of waiting in line for a sold out item. TGI Black Friday is another useful app that was created solely for Black Friday. It will give you real-time results of the best online deals, and it will offer comparisons between retailers as well.

The Big Event

It’s worth noting that many stores are following an untraditional schedule for this year’s Black Friday. Wal-Mart’s big event began on Thanksgiving Day; however, many of the benefits are in the form of a Wal-Mart gift card. If you aren’t looking for a tablet or gift card, then you were probably better off waiting until morning for the more traditional sale. Also, during each phase of Wal-Mart’s sale, shopper’s will be guaranteed the item regardless of if it sells out or not.

Best Buy has had people in line for its massive sale on electronics since yesterday afternoon. Flatscreen televisions are going for only $500, and many video games and films are on sale as well. If you’re looking for cheap blu-ray players, then it may have been worth arriving at Best Buy around 5am. If you desire cheap blu-ray films, then Amazon may have you covered instead.

Before rushing out, it is worth understanding that many stores only offer amazing discounts to those in the front of the line. If you arrive late, then you may not be able to get 50% off of anything worth having. Arriving for these deals means sacrificing a nice Thanksgiving dinner, and no bargain is worth that price. However, you can still casually arrive to Macy’s on Black Friday for deals on nearly everything in stock.

Macy’s is also offering online deals before Black Friday, and these include free pairs of socks, free shipping, and even clearance-level prices on jewelry and coats. While Macy’s will certainly be crowded on Black Friday, many of the deals last all day and are not limited to the first in line.

If you wish to take it easy on Black Friday, know that you are not alone. Nordstrom is continuing its tradition of closing on Thanksgiving, and Costco is following suit as well. But if you are brave and strong, and ready to fight the good fight for a deal, then prepare your tent, grab your wallet, and get ready for some of the best deals of the year. Just make sure to watch out for the riots in Target; those deals tend to have that effect on some people.