What Women Like About Sex

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What Women Like About Sex

Women, just like their male counterparts, have different needs that must be fulfilled to bring about satisfaction. Women require special attention when it comes to matters relating to sex. This is because women peg sexual fulfillment on the mind. They prefer to make love rather than just have genital focused intercourse that brings fulfillment to the man. Under normal circumstances, sex is meant for people of the opposite gender who are of the consenting age. It is important for any man involved in an affair to understand clearly the woman’s sexual needs. This is because women will only achieve utmost organism when they have the heart and mind centered on the partner.

Maximum Satisfaction

Sex and love are two different things, according to women. They prefer to make love from the heart so as to achieve maximum satisfaction. To them, love comes before sex. This implies that love forms a strong foundation for initiating an exciting sexual experience. Any woman who is involved in this process will always feel appreciated.

Women put a lot of emphasis on foreplay. This offers an opportunity for their partners to explore their bodies by ensuring that all the sensitive parts are well aroused. Similarly, the woman feels well cared for, hence will enjoy the act fully.


Women practicing sex are known to develop confidence in addition to building a self esteem. This is because they feel that they are normal and ready for life’s responsibilities. This implies that women may use sex as a basis for establishing long term relationships. As a result, she will strive to be the perfect partner so that maximum attention is given to her.

Emotional Security

In order for a woman to enjoy sex, there must be some emotional attachment. This is in complete contrast to men whose main focus is physical look. Being sexually active with the person one is romantically attracted to is known to offer some form of emotional security. This is one of the pillars that lead to organism in women.

Multiple Orgasms

When fully aroused, women are known to experience multiple organisms within a single session. Therefore, it is important for the man to learn all the basics that can sustain this aspect before finally ejaculating. One way to achieve this objective is by delaying ejaculation during the process.

Medical Advantage

During intercourse, women are known to release plenty of bodily fluids when organism is reached. This is known to reduce by a great margin chances of developing some disorders related to the genitals. Secondly, regular sex is known to increase fertility since it enhances the release of hormones. This could be one of the reasons that make some women practice this act without failure.

It is imperative to note that women can achieve organism without penetration, hence every effort must be made to ensure that she achieves this goal first. This is because, it is known that once the man has reached climax, chances of leaving the lady in a state of suspense are very high. This ugly incident can only be averted by giving the lady priority and incorporating love in the entire process. Once this is done, the lady can hardly be tempted to seek an additional sexual partner. A happy sex life leads to normalcy in the day-to-day tasks, hence the woman will always be a productive person.

Lastly, women tend to enjoy sex that is initiated in a friendly and romantic manner. This could be through sending love messages earlier in the day so as to set the sexual mood.

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