3LAU: Dance Floor Filth 3 & Living The Dream

3LAU - Instagram

Justin Blau just might be living every male his age’s dream. At 21, he’s not only balancing a full course load at Wash. U @ St. Louis (the 14th ranked college in the United States) but he’s found the time to mix some of the highest ranking bootlegs and remixes in the world of EDM. Those mixes earned him the spotlight and admiration of the genre…and he just embarked on a national tour….put in his words:

I had always thought I could “end up” in music, someday, delaying the gratification of my ultimate passion by defaulting to my pre-planned life in finance. As my social hobby of DJing around Washington University in St. Louis turned into an appreciated art, I had started down a new path; it was unpredictable and unanticipated. From viral internet music distribution, to rocketing electronic dance music popularity, to my personal observations of college party culture, many elements combined to create 3LAU, but I had no idea what was coming.

– Justin Blau – “On My Way” (MTVU)


Today he released a free download of “Dance Floor Filth 3” with “Happy Halloween” as the note on SoundCloud. Go stream it or download it over here.

After exploring his site a bit I came across the charity he’s currently fundraising for and donated immediately. It’s called Pencils of Promise and every $25 raised is enough to give a child access to education for a whole year. Go donate over at http://fundraise.pencilsofpromise.org/fundraise?fcid=195142 [3LAU’s Donation Page].

The bottom-line here is the story of a young man following his dreams..excelling at his profession, and using his talent for more than his personal gains. Cheers, Justin…keep blowing our minds with your fresh take on EDM and keep up your ambitions of changing the world. You already have.