Maximize Men’s Grocery Shopping With Food Education

Hey Guys, Time To Food-U-Cate Yourselves

If you read any of the popular men’s magazines you might end up scratching your head wondering whose advice is worth putting to use. With so much out there in the marketplace today, you wonder not only what you should be eating, but how to select the healthiest foods. With our new shopping guide you’ll be able to navigate the marketplace confidently and find the foods that are best to maintain your goals for personal wellness.

Follow These Three Food Shopping Tips To Maximize Personal Wellness

1. Follow the rule of un-dieting and allow yourself to try new things. While everyone else will tell you to make a list and stick to it, we’re suggesting you skip the list. Well, just this once. As you approach the supermarket with a new sense of what you’re after, think about embracing the concept “eat for life” instead of focusing on a short, limited list of foods. If you start the shopping trip with the attitude of, “I’m going to be adventurous and try new foods,” you’re more likely to succeed than going in with the the idea of shopping for a temporary diet. Each week, try two to three new whole foods you’ve never had.

2. Set a budget and don’t go over more than five dollars. Now that we’ve got you shopping happy, remember to set a budget and stick to it. This may go without saying, but you want to be sure you’re bringing just the right amount of food into the house each week so that you’ll have a wide variety, but not too much that will result in waste. When you’re throwing away food week after week you tend to shift your focus more on lack- or money lost. If you have just the right amount of food, you’ll be energized, feeling great and continually ready to try new things. Knowing how much you have to spend before you go in will keep you choosing the foods you know offer the most satisfaction and nutritional value.

3. Let an app be your guide to stay organized while choosing safe, healthy food. With so many fortified, fake and preservative laden foods out there, it’s hard to stay away from good advertising that draws us in. Downloading an application to your smart phone can help you choose whole foods and trusted brands. Our favorite supermarket shopping apps are:

Fooducate. This app allows you to scan foods to give you information about their origins. You’ll know if your food was irradiated, if it could contain genetically modified organisms and if it’s organic.
Shopwell. If you love variety, but don’t have time to read tons of labels, you can enter personalized information and Shopwell will offer shopping advice based on your goals for nutrition.
Foodswitch. Love that peanut butter, but notice it contains high fructose corn syrup? Enter a little information into this handy app and it sends you a healthier alternative to fulfill your quest for nutritious foods that still offer quality taste.
3. Avoid the dirty dozen if they’re not organic. The Environmental Working Group warns against eating foods in the “dirty dozen” if they aren’t organic due to the carcinogenic causing and hormone altering pesticides used in their growing process. You can maximize your shopping by choosing grocery stores that carry all of the dirty dozen produce organically so you don’t have to travel from store to store. If you’re really pressed for time, consider joining an organic CSA. With community supported agriculture, you’ll get a farmer’s box full of produce fresh every week or every other week. It’s a great way to focus your food shopping and stick to your budget.

The Dirty Dozen:

Sweet bell peppers
Cherry tomatoes
Hot peppers
Happy shopping!