Improve Mood, Sexual Health & Fitness By Metabolizing Excess Hormones

Hormones. They rule everything. Literally, from digestion to reproduction, hormonal processes are in charge of the ordering of all physiological activity from head to toe. How we eat, the thoughts we think, our sleep patterns- all of these activities we sometimes don’t give much weight to are quintessential aspects of optimal hormonal health.

So what’s involved in healthy hormonal activity? Well, it’s a delicate, multi-faceted system from how they’re naturally synthesized, utilized and eliminated from the body. It’s that last aspect, elimination, that is often overlooked. When hormonal metabolites are left to float through the bloodstream, they can interfere with normal physiological function that affects our sexual health, mood and fitness level. In this case, these three facets of our health go hand in hand, so the steps we take to improve them will assist all three areas simultaneously.

Ideally, our body will clear out rather than store excess hormonal metabolites. The liver, which is largely responsible for this process can become stagnated and backed up resulting in poor libido, fatigue, sluggish workouts and bad moods. With just a few simple additions to your daily routine though, you can boost this process to experience optimal metabolization.

How To Metabolize Excess Hormones To Improve Sexual Health, Mood & Fitness

1. Reduce environmental estrogens. The first step is to reduce what the body doesn’t need. Why make it work harder than it has to after all? Soy products, non-organic meat and poultry, xeno-estrogens found in plastics, non-purified water and many libido boosting supplements can all elevate our estrogen levels artificially. Taking these simple steps can significantly reduce what’s coming in, allowing the body to concentrate more efficiently on other vital processes.

2. Eat cruciferous vegetables. Crucifers such as brocco-sprouts, kale, arugula, chard, brussel sprouts, collards and mustard greens all contain high levels of sulforaphanes and indoles known to significantly reduce excess hormones in the body.

3. Take DIM (aka di-indolemethane). Don’t like the taste of many of those green veggies? You can safely and effectively consider adding DIM to your regular supplement routine. DIM is an efficient hormone metabolizer, most specifically estrogenic influence. DIM helps regulate liver function by increasing metabolic activity and balancing the immune system.

4. Consider ascorbic acid (aka alkaline vitamin C). Ascorbic acid is an inexpensive, multi-faceted supplement that when combined with DIM, works to eliminate the hormonal residue the liver has just metabolized so it can leave the body efficiently. Along with eliminating toxins, C also helps to replenish new tissue and decrease inflammation.

5. Keep moving in the gym. The more you work out, the better chance your liver has at eliminating toxins and excess hormones by increasing blood circulation to and from it.

6. More sex = better sex! In this case, apply the principle of movement to give the liver an extra boost. When we’re eating well, sleeping well and having regular sex, the body is able to efficiently produce the appropriate levels of hormones to keep these processes functioning optimally without having to work hard to eliminate higher than normal levels.

7. Sleep & nap. Sleeping and napping can not be underestimated in their value. You can do all of the steps on this list, but if you’re not sleeping, the liver can not perform optimally. Organs perform at a maximum time everyday, and your liver likes to function when you’re fast asleep. Cat naps, short 20-minute siestas also help to boost the immune system therefore facilitating more eliminatory flow of hormonal residue.

In no time, you’ll be feeling happier in bed and the gym!