A Man’s Guide Picking Up Women At The Gym

Picking Up Women At The Gym

Gyms are no longer thought of as being just places to pump iron and get your cardio in, but some have also turned into social hotspots. Although it can be a good place to meet a woman, you must use a little finesse in your approach, so you don’t raise any red flags in the mind of the lovely creature you’re admiring in the Smith Machine. If your behavior makes a lady feel uncomfortable or threatened, that hot babe can turn into an ice princess in the blink of an eye. Here are some considerations to guide you in your pursuit.

Assess Her Availability

Before you invest the time and effort needed for this endeavor, check to see if she is wearing a wedding ring. Also, if she is wearing headphones, she is likely not interested in interacting. Does she completely avoid eye contact with you? If she looks at the floor even when you come in close proximity to her, chances are she is not interested.

Move Slowly

A bit of patience is required here. Suppress your natural urge to move too fast. Remember, good things come to those who wait. When you see someone you want to meet, start the relationship by smiling and saying “Hello” when you pass. Don’t linger or attempt to strike up a conversation the first few times. And above all, don’t stare. You don’t want her to feel you’re someone who stalks women.


After you have exchanged a few greetings, make your approach, but avoid these turn-offs.

  • Wipe off your perspiration first. Aside from the aesthetics, don’t forget the simple fact that your sweat has an odor.
  • Keep your eyes from straying to her body parts. A woman wants to be viewed as a total person with a mind and emotions rather than a mere body.
  • Avoid grunting. This is a somewhat cave-man type vocalization that women don’t find attractive.
  • Don’t try to impress her by offering advice unless she asks.


  • Delay your approach for an opportune time. Wait until she pauses to rest between sets, or you may annoy her.
  • Offer a genuine compliment concerning some aspect of her fitness routine. For example, “I notice you work on flexibility, which is an area I tend to neglect.”
  • Keep the opening conversation about something related to fitness or something going on at the time.

Strategic Timing

Note the usual time she enters and exits the gym and try to time your coming and going accordingly. Running into her during these times will afford natural opportunities to make friendly comments. For example, you could say, “Ready for another grueling workout?” or “Whew! It’s been some day. I’m ready to do some work in here. How are you doing?”

Let the Relationship Build

Don’t prolong the initial attempts at conversation if the lady doesn’t seem overly responsive or friendly. Give her time and allow the relationship to build naturally. After a few brief episodes of gym related talk, ask her about herself. Really listen to what she says. Every one is drawn to a good listener. When the time seems right, ask her out for coffee.

It’s possible to meet a woman at the gym, but treat the relationship as you would as if the woman was a coworker rather than someone you see in a bar. Don’t give the impression of being a wolf on the prowl, but just try to come across as a nice, friendly guy.