Why You Should Start Wearing Suits

Would James Bond still be able to maintain the same captivating appeal that he has in all of his movies if he was not suavely dressed in some of the finest tailored suits?  He may still be a great special agent that is highly effective in his line of work and as he is working through a variety of different missions, but he would not be able to be as engaging and as debonair without doing all of those things in a suit and tie. 

Why You Should Start Wearing Suits

While it is true that James Bond is a fictitious character within an environment that is loosely based on real life, the effect that a nice suit and tie can have on a man’s appearance and overall mentality is still the same.  That is why these outfits have been featured so prominently in movies, television shows and even in popular songs – such as Justin Timberlake’s newest single appropriately titled “Suit & Tie.”  Why should you adopt the suit-and-tie mentality within your own wardrobe and appearance?  How can you unlock the power of this particular outfit in order to reap both personal as well as professional benefits?


Demanding Respect with Your Appearance

A suit and tie, when placed on a hanger or display rack of a local store, are great fashionable choices that would look good in your closet.  A suit and tie, when placed on your body, will make you a prime target for respect and allow you to establish a dignified presence wherever you may be when you are wearing this particular outfit.  If you do not believe that principle, all that you have to do is think about the last time that you saw someone during your normal routine activities.

Let’s say that a man greeted you in a department store and simply wanted to give you his business card, for example.  If that man approached you wearing a dirty t-shirt that was extremely wrinkled, sweatpants and sneakers, what are the odds of you accepting that business card?  You may take it just to be nice and then immediately get rid of it the first chance that you got.  Why is that?

That individual just was not able to demand any respect from you by his appearance, so you did not feel the need to respect him by keeping and using his business card.  Now, let’s take the same exact scenario but that man is approaching you with a dignified suit and tie ensemble instead.  Even if you are not interested in what they are offering, you are more than likely still going to hold on to the business card and may even store it away in a safe place for future reference, wouldn’t you?  Why is there such a huge difference in how these two similar scenarios end? The man that wore his suit and tie had an appearance that gave him an automatic head-start in the race to winning you over than the man that was casually dressed instead.


How Do You Feel in Your Suit & Tie? 

Think about how you personally feel when you are wearing a nice suit with a nice tie.  You may thoroughly enjoy visiting the mirrors in your home a little more frequently than usual, because you will not have any doubt in your mind about how good you look at that moment.  A suit and tie combination has a powerful way of boosting the quality of a man’s self-image and automatically heightening his own level of self-confidence.  Many men feel as if they are able to do anything that they put their minds to when they are wearing their favorite suits.  By frequently working quality suits into your daily choices of outfit options, you will be setting yourself up for success in a wide variety of different areas – both in a professional sense and also within your personal life as well.


The Personal & Professional Benefits of Your Suit

By having a suit-and-tie mentality that is clearly reflected through your wardrobe, you will be building a solid foundation for future success both personally and professionally, because you will be pushing yourself far ahead of all other men in both cases.  How so?

Statistics have proven that if a man wears a suit to a job interview, his chances of getting the job are automatically heightened when compared to the odds of him getting the job if he wore a casual shirt and jeans instead.  Studies have also been able to confirm that when men wear suits and ties to work, their productivity rates increase because they are able to maintain their focus and drive throughout the day since they are not impaired by an overly relaxed and even lackadaisical attitude that accompanies a more casual attire.


On a personal level, you are guaranteed to stand out to the ladies and may even be able to create the same sense of captivation that James Bond has mastered in the movies.  Instead of only admiring this type of dignified presence from afar on a big movie screen, implement the suit-and-tie mentality in your own life so that you can experience these benefits firsthand.


Suit Up - Because It's Going To Be Legendary