Why Men Like To Fight

Call it exploding testosterone or adrenaline surges. Call it a bad childhood memory that makes you angry at the person next to you if the lights in a bar just happen to be too bright. Most men choose to fight because they either feel it is necessary or they just like doing it. Why would they like doing it? Fighting is in their blood and is part of a biological and evolutionary trend.

Why Men Like To Fight

Like most mammalian makes, wmen tend to compete on many levels for food, women, or just to mark their own territory. It gives a man a good feeling to know he has succeeded or won a particular chosen battle. It has been that way since the dawn of time. That fact alone does not always justify a fight. You have to choose your battles.

Fighting can also be fueled by a man’s ego or surrounding circumstances in society. For example, a man who grew up on the streets fighting for his next meal is more likely to continue that pattern throughout life. It could land him in prison, or at the top of multi-million dollar company. It is his choice what to do with the drive and aggression that breeds the competitive male spirit.

Victory can be an addictive drug that feeds everyone desire to win and be victorious when faced with challenges. Men, however, have been shaped through time and evolution to be warriors. Fighting is almost second nature to a man, whether it is fighting to be the family provider, successful at a intricate corporate merger, winning the attention of a woman, or beating the opponent in a golf game. Fighting does not always have to a physical fight, it can also be a battle of the minds.

With enough power and strength to win a chosen conflict, man has been known to take over world markets and master political arenas. At one time in history, men had absolute power over all species. Think about it. It took centuries for women to obtain simple basic rights and opportunities. It took that kind of absolute power to build countries and successful economies. They did not just evolve, but were fought for, and time has proven that only the strong and those willing to fight have survived.

Men enjoy their fighting, competitive nature because it makes them feel proud. Men will threaten a fight to prove masculinity, intellect, or wit (it worked well for Bond). Sometimes, the opportunity combined with the ability to win a fight gets the testosterone rushing. This is proven when you consider the sporting industry of fighting. Sports such as wrestling, boxing, or ultimate fighting competitions are huge successes in the athletic and entertainment world. Women enjoy watching the this competitive spirit, and men naturally display the aggressive nature to pursue and win a fight.

Fighting can also be traced back to the days of Cain and Able. One brother killed another, proving to more powerful and successful in the fight. Strength was proven through violence. Before then and since then, men have fought to prove points. It is built into their DNA. The modern-day male has only one question to ask himself when he decides to fight – does he decide to take on a fight to PROVE something, or is he fighting FOR something.

Fighting can become a positive thing if the cause is worthy. So, my friends, find a worthy one.