Burning 500 Calories In An Hour

Many people start exercising with an eye on losing weight and toning muscle, and then wonder why they’re not reaching their goals.  If this sounds like you, it’s possible you’re not exercising with enough intensity to burn enough calories. To lose 1 pound per week (experts recommend a steady loss of 1 to 2 pounds weekly), you have to burn the equivalent of 500 calories daily. Choose exercise that engages the muscles you want to tone so you can get a good, all-around workout that delivers the fit body you’re after without investing hours each day at the gym. 


Workouts that Burn 500 Calories per Hour


Circuit Training

During a circuit training workout you’ll move through a series of cardio burst and strength training exercises. Alternate three minutes of cardio, such as jumping rope, Jumping Jacks or pedaling a stationary bike. Then perform a strength training move for 45 seconds, such as curls, squats, lunges, crunches and presses.


Swimming is an excellent, all-around workout that blasts calories and tones the muscles of your entire body. Alternate between differing swimming strokes, and doing walking or running laps in the pool. Keep moving your body and focus on kicking movements to tone your lower body and full range-of-motion strokes with your arms for upper body toning.


There’s nothing more freeing than getting on your bike and going. Whether you’re on a stationary bike at home or outdoors, pedal away at a moderate steady pace to blast fat and tone the muscles of your lower body. In addition to working your body, this 500-calorie per hour fat blaster is also an excellent stress-buster.


Bonus Tip: Burn 500 Calories in Less Time with Intervals

If taking an hour to exercise is pushing it, you can burn 500 calories in 45 to 50 minutes with interval training. After every four minutes of activity at your regular pace, move at a higher intensity for one minute. Continue alternating intervals for your entire workout.

Nowadays, people are looking for ways to save time both in and out of the gym. Start shedding the fat and toning those muscles with one or more of these 500-calorie per hour workouts. Challenge your body by varying between two or three different workouts. When time is not on your side, burning  500 calories per hour workout will keep you in shape and leave time for everything else.