Building Self-Confidence: Defining Your Own Truths and Creating Your Reality

Self-confidence starts with internal motivation. People who are self-confident define their own positive truths about themselves and their capabilities. Those who lack self-confidence have allowed the outside world to influence their self-perception. The media, friends, family, they all will try to tell you how you should feel about yourself. They want you to believe their truths. However, once you separate from the reality and truth born from outside influences, you can establish a new set of internal truths and create your own positive reality.

The best way to create a positive reality and establish positive truths is to optimize your own thoughts and actions, your own time and effort. This new truth, defined through maximizing personal resources, becomes productivity, advancement, and forward thinking. The power of personal, productive truth, springing forth from the inside, is unlimited.
Those with self-confidence are in control. By defining your reality from within, your mind becomes a tool for manipulating the world around you. Manipulation isn’t a bad thing. It is in this case, adapting to your situation, and creating what you have decided is an optimal outcome.

Find and locate ways to make the universe an open stage rather than a prison. Here are examples of positive internal truths that will help you build self-confidence. For your positive reality to manifest on the outside, you must believe in these truths on the inside.

1. You are and will always be a product of greatness, so therefore your actions are tailored to maintain such. Because of this, your every word, every behavior, every decision is based in making not only yourself comfortable, but every person around me.

2. Your interactions are designed as opportunities to make positive, productive impressions that last. Create in every person a curious urge, a thirst for that “it” factor.

3.Design your endeavors around maximizing your potential for greatness. Carry yourself with the confidence and knowledge that your destiny is fullness and abundance. Drill this belief into your head and delete from your thoughts anything contradictory to it.

4. Negativity is naught. It does not exist. To eliminate it is of utmost importance.

5. Harnessing creative potential, you can separate yourself from those who at first glance, are similar to you. This is the definition of personal style, the collective of your personality and abilities, your practice, your walk, your swagger.

With these things in mind, you have set the groundwork for building and maintaining an effective level of self-confidence. As you optimize your thoughts, establish a foundation of internal truth. Live by those truths and never forsake them.