How Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Affects Men

By now everyone has seen the television commercials for the small “energy shots” that are supposed to give us a boost when we start to tire out in the early afternoon.  Many men are relying on these shots for the energy they need to get them through the work day.  Could these drinks simply be the band-aid men are putting over a real problem?  If you’re feeling tired, listless and have no energy throughout the day — you may have chronic fatigue syndrome, also known as CFS.  CFS affects thousands of men and it can make your work day very difficult to trudge through.

While there is no specific cure for CFS, there are some things you can do to help get rid of the underlying problem.  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome can be the result of a variety of deficiencies, some of which can be treated with medicine or supplements.  Here’s a list of four possible culprits that may be causing your CFS…

1.  Low Vitamin D:  The first thing men experiencing CFS should do is get a complete blood panel.  Make sure you get your vitamin D levels checked in the lab results.  Once your results are in, the doctor can tell you if you vitamin D is low.  If it is, he may prescribe you initial doses of 50,000 IU of a vitamin D supplement and then lower this amount to 5,000 IU daily maintenance doses.  If you are vitamin D deficient, within two weeks of starting this supplement regimen you should notice a substantial increase in energy.

2. Low Testosterone:  Low testosterone is plaguing many men in their late thirties to fifties.  As a man ages he begins to produce less testosterone, which is vital to a man’s energy levels, sexual performance and muscle building capabilities.  Low testosterone is also tested through a blood panel, and if discovered, you may be prescribed either monthly shots of testosterone or an andro-gel cream testosterone that you rub on your arms and shoulders daily.  Many men who start testosterone treatment will discover it was actually the root cause if their CFS.

3.  Mild Depression: In some cases, your CFS may be caused by mild depression.  If you are feeling tired and generally “down” throughout the day you may be experiencing mild depression.  Depression is one of the most common psychological disorders and often goes untreated because men don’t realize they have it.  If you feel consistently down, even when things are going good in your life consider getting an evaluation by a psychiatrist.  A simple one-hour discussion with a shrink can help uncover possible depression.  Once diagnosed, the doctor might prescribe anti-depressants such as Zoloft, Welbutrin or Paxil.  Subjects who are depressed will discover that these medicines can often change their lives, improve their moods and bring back their energy.

4. Weak Cardiovascular Health:  If your job requires you to sit stagnant all day with little movement and you are not exercising on a daily basis, you may be in bad cardiovascular shape.  Often times, men with CFS are the ones who are stuck in a cubicle all day or driving a vehicle for hours without getting any real exercise.  The simple answer to getting back your energy is to start adding high impact aerobics to your daily regimen.  Even if you feel you don’t have the capability to run or jog thirty minutes per day, start with just five minutes workouts and slowly add a minute to your routine each week.  Be sure and discuss exercise with your doctor before beginning any workout routine.  Over time as your cardiovascular health improves you will notice a gradual increase in your overall energy level.

As you can see, there are many potential culprits that could be the cause of your CFS.  You may have to try multiple forms of treatment before discovering how to eliminate your CFS.  You can take comfort in knowing that in most cases, men who are fighting Chronic Fatigue Syndrome can usually find a cure.