Keeping Off The Freshman 15 – 101

Heading off to college is an exciting time for any freshman student,
which means that adhering to a healthy diet and exercise regime is
likely to be the last thing on their mind. Consequently it is hardly
surprising that the much talked about freshman 15 phenomenon affects
more than a few college students during their first year.

Young people starting college life are more at risk of gaining weight
than any other sector of the population. They are suddenly faced with
the prospect of preparing their own meals 24/7, and are therefore much
more likely to be tempted by takeout and other unhealthy diet choices.
Exercise and fitness is another major factor. Faced with a hectic
schedule of classes and social activities, it is not surprising that
exercise and fitness goes straight out of the window in favour of a
night out with new friends.

How can freshman college students avoid the freshman 15 phenomenon?

Diet – instead of forgetting to eat all day and then binging on junk
food, try and eat little and often as this will prevent you from binge
eating on sugary junk food. Think more about what you are eating and
try to avoid unhealthy high cholesterol food choices such as pizza and
fries. When dining at college, look at what is on offer and make sure
you include some fruit and vegetables with your meal.

Exercise – if you already follow a fitness routine, stick to it, but
if your fitness aspirations have fallen by the wayside, consider
starting a new fitness regime that involves a cardio workout at least
three times per week. Either join the college gym or make the effort
to exercise with friends.

And finally, keep a close eye on your weight and if your clothes begin
to feel too tight, take a good hard look at your diet and exercise
routine and make changes where necessary to avoid hitting or even going over that 15 pound mark.